Vinay Lal

Vinay Lal is a cultural critic, writer, blogger, and Professor of History and Asian American Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). His intellectual and research interests include South Asian history, comparative colonial histories, cinema, cultures of sexuality, and the thought of Mohandas Gandhi among others. His twenty-some authored and edited books include 'The History of History: Politics and Scholarship in Modern India' (Oxford, 2003); 'Of Cricket, Guinness and Gandhi' (Penguin, 2005); and 'The Fury of Covid-19: The Politics, Histories, and Unrequited Love of the Coronavirus' (Pan Macmillan India, 2020). He is a founding member of the Backwaters Collective on Metaphysics and Politics and the editor of its book series from Oxford, including 'India and the Unthinkable' (2016), and 'India and Civilizational Futures'.

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