Purab Riddhi Chaudhuri

Purab Riddhi Chaudhuri is an ethnomusicologist, musician and an independent documentary film-maker from India. He is also a multi-instrumentalist. Purab Riddhi grew up in and around Northeast India and is a polyglot. He currently lives with his wife Jasodhara and two cats in Hridaypur, located in the North 24 Parganas district in West Bengal. His first MA in Comparative Literature in 2017 was followed by another in Ethnomusicology in 2019 from the Irish World Academy under University of Limerick in Ireland. He is currently beginning his Doctoral degree under the Department of Music in University College Cork in Ireland. His area of interest is branched out on to a myriad of disciplines, including but not limited to language groups, music and dance in transition, indigenous songs and lullabies, songs of protest, and the infinite arrays of performing practices around India and the world.

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