Pavithra Chari

Pavithra is Hindustani classical vocalist, Music educator, Researcher, Playback singer, and Expressive arts-based therapist. Since 2014, she has been a disciple of Smt. Shubha Mudgal for khayal. She was awarded the Kolkata Centre for Creativity Arts Fellowship 2020 (music) for her academic paper ‘Understanding song-text: A study of khayal compositions in Hindustani music’ (published here). She is one half of the contemporary - classical duo 'Shadow and Light' (with arranger/ keyboardist Anindo Bose) as the vocalist, composer and lyricist. They were on the cover of Rollingstone India as ‘the new faces of fusion’ in 2018. A U.S Dept of State Alumna, she is a performing/recording artist and has worked with eminent composers like Yuvan Shankar Raja and A.R Rahman. Apart from music, she is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, and a UNESCO-certified creative movement/expressive arts therapist.

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