Enora Lalet

Enora Lalet is a food visual artist who lives and works in Bordeaux, France. Travelling is a crucial part of her art. Her parents had fallen in love with Indonesia and she followed them there as a young child. She has been to India, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, New York, Berlin, London and so on which is evident in the mixture of cultures and subjects in her displayed pieces of work. After a master degree in Arts and a degree in Anthropology, she exhibited her culinary portraits in Bordeaux (2010), introducing her series 'Cooking Faces'. Food being her favourite material, she has taken part in the making of cookery books for social associations in favour of children and also in gastronomy festivals in France. Currently, she works with Art houses (in New Delhi, 2015 and Java, 2014) where traditional skills, the body and gastronomy intertwine in her artworks.

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